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What A Melon, Inc.

What A Melon produced Resortwear from Hawaii during the years; 1983 through 1994. The company was owned and operated by Suzi Iizaki and Tom Ellis. The design, production and advertising and sales were all created by Suzi and Tom. The products shown were sold throughout the United States, Hawaii, the Carribbean, and even in Japan,  Europe and South America.

All designs and screens and inks were produced in house by the owners and applied to the cotton garments. The advertising and photography were also produced and directed by Suzi and Tom. The products were well known in the resort industry and calls still come in asking for the new line for the coming year.

The designs were also placed on a line of kitchen products which became the best selling potholder line in Hawaii during those years. The towels can still be seen hanging in peoples homes throughout the islands. Seen below is a brief slide show of the advertising, catalogs, and garment designs of What A Melon.

Note: All designs and print or digital images shown are copyright © 2001 by Suzi Iizaki and Tom Ellis and are not to be copied or reproduced in any form whatsoever. The names What A Melon and What A Melon, Inc. are trade.marks ® and are wholly owned by Susi Iizaki and Tom Ellis. Please contact the webmaster for details at 541-767-9895